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A special thanks to the following ISP's that help their clients use the Internet by including a link to www.EL.com:
  • Netcom - through their technical support information
  • Kearney.Net - quality net services from ISDN in the American heartland - Kearney, Nebraska
  • Plateau - residential and business telecommunications services in New Mexico and Texas
  • Teleplex - here's an ISP in the Carolinas that knows how to provide only the best to their clients
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We hope all you teachers in Tulsa are frequent visitors of the Tulsa Teachers Credit Union Web site. If their taste in selecting sites for their Related Web Sites is any indication, TTCU must be a great place to keep your money indeed!

Kearney, Nebraska! Welcome to the crossroads of the future! Kearney, Nebraska is one the heartland's most progressive and successful small cities.


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