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Online resources to using Adobe's Photoshop software.
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Information, tips and references to Adobe(R) Photoshop(R)
  Adobe Photoshop
by Adobe, the creators of Photoshop
must-have plugins if you're serious about Photoshop!


Photoshop Sites



  • Extensis - dedicated to producing quality products that make producing and editing Photoshop files more productive and effective.
    • Intellihance Pro - "... image enhancement and color correction to make it easy to make your images look their best." This is a must-have! EL Recommended!
    • PhotoTools - "... real-world special effects tools for print, multimedia and web design ..."
    • PhotoFrame - quickly and easily add elegant frames to your images. This should be considered by all serious Photoshop users. EL Recommended!
  • Alien Skin Software - maker of the popular Xenofex and Eye Candy software. EL Recommended! (The new Eye Candy 4000 has done it again with new and better filters for all kinds of special effects - truly a must have!)
  • Chroma Graphics - maker of Chromatica, Magic Mask and EdgeWizard
  • DigiEffects - maker of AgedFilm filter
  • Equilibrium - maker of DeBabelizer
  • Kai's Power Tools - KPT v6. EL-Recommended!


Photoshop Users


Link Lists Yahoo  • DejaNews  • HotBot  • AltaVista

  • Diane Wilson - "Generalist at Large" with tips and ideas in using Photoshop


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