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Online resources to ovarian cancer information. One out of every 70 women in America will develop ovarian cancer, or about 20,000 women each year, and occurs most often in women over the age of 40.
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dedicated to the memory of Beth McCabe - a friend and supporter of Essential Links. Her goal was to make it easier for all of us to more easily find and access ovarian cancer information on the Internet. She succeeded, and we will miss her deeply.
one of the finest sites on the Internet, both created by, and dedicated to the memory of, a victim of ovarian cancer. The site is maintained by a survivor.
an explanation of ovarian cancer
  American Cancer Society
detailed ovarian cancer information
  National Ovarian Cancer Coalition
saving women's lives by raising awareness about ovarian cancer & to promote education regarding all the facts, issues & problems surrounding ovarian cancer throughout the general population & the medical community.


Ovarian Cancer

For physicians
  • Ovarian Cancer Tutorial - University of Washington
  • GOG/CHTN Ovarian Tissue Bank - "The GOG/ CHTN Ovarian Tissue Bank has samples of various ovarian tumors and related tissues (including normal matched normal tissues in most cases) available for research use"


  • Ovarian Plus - Newsletter on gynecologic cancer prevention


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