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Online resources for satellite TV information and publications.
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Essential Links
Essential Links

* Satellite TV

This covers relevant technical data for all satellite TV & radio channels in the world in the Ku and C bands, including links to home pages, teletext services, footprint maps, address info and logotypes.
  Robert's Satellite Page
Extensive C-band information page, also includes DSS information
Satellite news publication
European satellite information


Satellite TV
  • TV Access Now - Providing the public with information on saving their network programming
  • 21st Satellite - Good, basic information on satellite tv. Also includes link lists.
  • Sat City - Satellite company directory
  • Satcodx1 - Satellite positions and transponder charts
  • Ricardo's GeoOrbit Quick Look - An easy to use reference chart for satellite tv viewers and engineers. Includes sets of C/Ku-band satellite charts contain specs (launch, design, transponder, bandwidth, orbit position, inclination), programming, EIRP footprint coverage maps and links to original sources.
  • Sataddress - Satellite channel listings worldwide
  • Sat TV FAQs - A list of FAQs and answers about TVRO home satellite systems
  • Sat TV FAQs - Archived Usenet FAQs

Periodicals and Guides
  • Better Satellite Guide - "Europe's hottest guide to satellite TV"
  • Commtek Communications Corp. - Publishers of two monthly satellite TV programming guides - Direct (DSS) and Orbit (C-band)
  • DBS - "your source for news, information and discussion on DBS satellite"
  • DBS Online - Systems, product and programming information, resources, news and world satellite information and locator
  • Satellite Business News - "The most authoritative source for up to date satellite tv industry news and information"
  • Satellite TV Week - Weekly C-band satellite TV programming guide
  • SatNews - Breaking news, satellite events calendar, products catalog and much more
  • SHVA - Information on the satellite home viewer improvement act
  • TELE-satellite - "TELE-satellite International Magazine publishes extensive reviews of the newest satellite receiving equipments, mainly satellite receivers, LNBs and dishes, with a focus on products for digital tv as well as satellite telephony."
  • Triple D - Publishers of two weekly satellite TV programming guides - Onsat (C-band) and TV Plus (DSS and DISH)

  • BigDish - C-band programming service
  • Direct TV - "America's leader in home entertainment"
  • DISH - What's hot, programming, equipment, customer service
  • Local TV - Local TV on satellite
  • RCA - RCA Direct TV

  • CASBAA - Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia
  • Sat Club International - Hobbyist club with free membership and lots of activities
  • SBCA - Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association - The national trade organization representing all segements of the home satellite industry

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  • Dr. Dish - "The biggest online resource for troubleshooting satellite equipment"
  • MLEsat - Satellite TV tutorials online, as well as a satellites on disk library available to order

  • NASA Space Calendar - "The Space Calendar covers space-related activities and anniversaries for the coming year. Included are over 1,400 links to related home pages."
  • The Geosynchronous Satellite Cafe - "Satellite information, transponder frequency charts, orbital locations, and program information for the mobile uplink community"
  • MPEG - North American MPEG-2 information
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