WAP/WML - Essential Links to WAP/WML
Essential Links
Wireless Application Protocol/Wireless Markup Language
Online resources to WAP/WML references, publishing and design tools, FAQs, WAP hosting sites, WAP web browsers, associations, tutorials, software, and link lists.
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Essential Links
Essential Links


Wap articles, tools, links, a developer's area and more.
Links, tutorials, books, hosting and more - lots of information for the developer
Wap development site. Includes news, books, archives, a newsletter, online wap testing, new wap tools, a discussion group, a developer directory, wap event calendar and more.
  Nokia WAP Site
Developer's tools and forum, best of wap winners and more. A good resource site.


Major WAP/WML Sites
  • Awooga - "providing WAP services for the mobie age" - over 1,000 sites in their WAP directory
  • Cellmania - Featured products, wireless store, mobile internet, news and views, and MyMania
  • WAP/WML FAQs - Large list of FAQs
  • Phoneafact.com - About, latest news, products, browser links and more
  • WAP-UK.com - tutorials, news, developer's area, links, job opportunities and more
  • WAP Resource Centre - "The internet guide to WAP"
  • WAPWire.net - created to help companies or individuals who want to create WAP services on their Microsoft networks and websites. Includes an index of company WAP sites, WAP FAQs and resources.
  • Ericsson's WAP site - Ericsson's products, link list, and a developer's site
  • ccWAP - WAP megasite - tools, links and more (in German)
  • CePe Infosolutions - Updates, tutorial and articles (in Dutch)

WAP Publishing and Design Tools
  • WAP Mine - "WAPPage 1.0 is an extensive and powerful design tool for WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) Sites. Using WAP 1.0, the users can edit, compile and integrate the WML Pages. WAP 1.0 supports WML 1.1."
  • Nokia WML Studio - Click on Dreamweaver extensions, then download the software
  • DOTWap - "A visual tool for WAP site construction"
  • Mobphone - WAP Easy publishing tool for cellular mobile WAP phones


  • WAP Forum - Product certification and testing program, developer registration and content verification program, WAP news, and an events calendar.


WAP Hosting Sites
  • Hoiley.com - Create your own WAP Site, WAP Service, WAP Chat, and WAP Mail.
  • Tag.tag - Build and host your site for free
  • Wappy.to - Online WAP site builder with hosting

WAP Web Browsers
  • Wapsilon - a free browser for WAPsites
  • Winwap - a WAP browser for Windows - includes Winwap Light and Winwap Pro
  • WAPdrive.net - WAP site builder, all about WAP, WAPalizer (view WAP pages with your web browser), news and more
  • Yahoo Mobile - Includes a WAP browser


Link Lists - WML About.com  • AltaVista  • Google  • Ask Jeeves  • Yahoo  • Lycos  • Go.com  • DejaNews  • HotBot  • Magellan  • WebReference

Link Lists - WAP About.com  • AltaVista  • Google  • Ask Jeeves  • Yahoo Mobile  • Yahoo Mobile - UK  • Wapdrive  • Ericsson Links  • Orktopas Search Engine  • Webcrawler Select  • Go.com  • DejaNews  • HotBot  • Magellan  • WebReference




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