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Ateneo Cacereño Chess Club     -  “The Ateneo Cacereño Chess Club takes part in the Ateneo de Cáceres, a cultural association non-profit organization with more than 600 members. The website provides news related to the chess world with a focus on formation.” (Spanish) "El Club Ateneo Cacereño de ajedrez forma parte del Ateneo de Cáceres, asociación cultural sin ánimo de lucho que cuenta con más de 600 socios. Con esta web pretende dar a conocer noticias relacionadas con el mundo del ajedrez con un amplio espacio dedicado a la formación."

Chess Age     -  "Play chess online, discuss chess, view latest tournaments with tables and statistics and replay the games online, explore chess leagues like the German bundesliga or the chess olympiad, learn chess openings with the opening tree and the opening browser and more!

Chess Database     -  The online Chess Database.

Chess Lecture     -  "Watch a new chess video lecture every day, online!"

Chess Links     -  "Lots of links, not lots of graphics."

Chess Net     -  "Meet your match. Whether you're looking for a social game or a competitive rated game, there are always hundreds of players to choose from. From World Champion Anatoly Karpov to International Grandmasters, world class chess games are here for you to view."

Chess Zone - in Russian     -  Free Chess School (all materials in Russian). OCR chess books, chess bases with annotated games, ChessZone Magazine, training databases.

Chess Zone - Russia     -  Russian site including downloadable free e-books, free Chesszone Magazine in ChessBase format, and training databases.

Chess Zone - Russian     -  Russian site for downloadable free e-books, free Chesszone Magazine in ChessBase format, training databases, chess soft collection and more.

Chessworld.net     -  Chessworld.net is a friendly online chess club where you can play chess with players from all over the World! It is rapidly becoming the best place to play, compete in tournaments, join teams, learn, keep in touch with old friends and make new friends worldwide.

The Double Pawn     -  "The Double Pawn is a chess site that provides a clean, feature rich, online chess playing interface. You can participate in tournaments, teams, chess clubs and more."

Edinburgh University Chess Club     -  History, Rules, News, ...

FICGS Correspondence Chess and Go Server     -  Cost free site with direct tournament registration, automatic tournament creation, class and rapid tournaments, special tournaments & events, chess variants and go tournaments, and much more.

MSN Chess     -  Lots of new features for chess players of all levels, by MSN.

Play Kasparov
Wholesale Chess     -  Wholesale Chess Books and Software - Wholesale Chess carries a full selection of chess books and software as well as tournament equipment for chess players and clubs.

World Chess Links     -  A collection of chess links and free chess online resources.

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