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About.com: Football     -  In the spotlight, NFL news, rumors, players, legends, teams, draft, Super Bowl, pro leagues, fantasy football, BCS, Heisman Trophy. College news, teams, polls, bowl games, recruiting, high school, broadcasters, cheerleaders, coaches, gambling, history, schedules, stadiums, statistics, tickets, trivia, games, rugby

DMOZ: Football     -  American football, associations, soccer

LookSmart: Football     -  Major football sites, guides and directories, CFL, coaching and camps, college football, fantasy football, flag football, football gear, history and memorabilia, indoor and arena, international leagues, NFL, players, publications, semi-pro leagues, statistics, women's football, XFL, youth football, more US leagues

Yahoo!: Football (American)     -  By region. Arena, books, chats & forums, coaching, college & university, competitions, computer games, flag & touch football, gambling, high school, history, leagues, NFL, news & media, officiating, players, rules, salaries, semi-pro, shopping & services, stadiums, technology, web directories, women, youth

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