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AMA - American Medical Association     -  News and information about health and the health professions

Body Guide     -  Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center's comprehensive online guide to the the human body.

E-scripts-md.com     -  "e-Scripts-MD.com is a U.S. based company that provides consumers access to online medical consultations for the purpose of obtaining prescriptions over the Internet."

Health A to Z     -  "HealthAtoZ is a comprehensive, well-integrated health and medical resource developed by healthcare professionals. HealthAtoZ's aim is to partner with consumers so that every individual and family can better manage their health."

Health Finder     -  "Your guide to reliable health information."

Health Web     -  "Linking you to the best in health information."

Health World Online     -  "A virtual health village online."

InteliHealth     -  Health information from the Harvard Medical School

Mayo Clinic     -  Find out about diseases, conditins, healthy living, drug information, first aid, ...

MedicineNet.com     -  "Health and medical information written and reviewed by our board certified physicians."

MedLine Plus     -  Health information from the National Library of Medicine / National Institutes of Health. Includes health topics, drug information, dictionaries, directories and other resources.

Medscape Health     -  "Medscape Health provides free health information on hundreds of topics. Produced by Medscape, it is a companion site to Medscape.com, the most widely used Web site for doctors and healthcare professionals."

MerckMedco.com     -  Online prescription orders

Physician's Guide to the Internet     -  Physician lifestyle, clinical practice, postgraduate education, new physician information, and fun stuff.

Virtual Hospital     -  "A digital library of health information."

Web MD     -  "WebMD Health is the leading provider of online information, educational services and communities for physicians and consumers."

WebMD Health     -  Excellent, informative health site.

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