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Adobe Photoshop     -  Adobe's official web site on Photoshop. Includes downloads, support, product information, training, tutorials, events, related products

Extensis - Intellihance Pro     -  "Photoshop users have long preferred Intellihance Pro for color correcting and enhancing images. Intellihance Pro automatically analyzes and corrects images from any source, including digital cameras, flatbed and drum scanners, or original digital artwork." Purchase

Extensis - Photoframe     -  "Extensis PhotoFrame unleashes your creativity to design unlimited high-quality image borders and frames for your images. Combine and customize any of the included 2000+ natural and digital frames or create your own original frame. Experiment with edge effects, colors, blend modes, shadows, textures, bevels and much more to discover the perfect border for your photos." Purchase

Extensis - PhotoTools     -  "Extensis PhotoTools is a collection of Photoshop plug-ins that enhances creativity through discovery and experimentation. Its remarkable interface lets you play with dozens of settings until you achieve the perfect effect for real-world print, multimedia and web design. Whether you need to create realistic shadows, seamless textures, animated GIFs, custom bevels, textured surfaces and more, PhotoTools will get you there fast." Purchase

Total Training's CBT for Photoshop 7     -  Highly recommended!. "Total Training for Adobe Photoshop 7 is the highest quality, most comprehensive video-based training solution available for Adobe Photoshop 7. With over 26 hours of content featuring Deke McClelland (Photoshop Bible, Photoshop for Dummies), this program has plenty to offer beginners and seasoned Photoshop veterans. Combining a solid grounding in fundamental Photoshop concepts with a thorough treatment of new capabilities and features, the complete set also contains special tips, hidden "secrets" and techniques that make Total Training courses the professional-level choice for video-based training. Total Training for Photoshop 7 was Awarded 'raining Product of the Year'in 2002 by MacNet!"

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