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Eric Weisstein's World of Physics     -  "Eric Weisstein's World of Science contains budding encyclopedias of astronomy, scientific biography, chemistry, and physics. This resource has been assembled over more than a decade by internet encyclopedist Eric W. Weisstein with assistance from the internet community."

About.com: Physics     -  "The best Physics Articles, Glossary and sites on the web including quantum physics, relativity philsophy of physics and biographies of famous physicists. A resourse for Homework help, worked physics problems and examples, physics discussion board, Resourses for science teachers. Subjects discussed on this page include: Experiments that anyone can carry out, Free online courses, Resources for Teachers, Physicists, Worked problems and examples, worked examples, electromagnetism, electricity, magnets, thermodynamics, thermal physics, quantum physics, quantum mechanics, experiments, physics experiments, ..."

American Institute of Physics     -  "The American Institute of Physics is the largest organization of physicists in North America. On this extensive Web site you will find online journals and thousands of pages of free and useful information."

CERN     -  "From CERN, a complete introduction to the world's largest particle physics laboratory."

Google Groups: sci.physics     -  Usenet newsgroup on physics.

Institute of Physics     -  "The Web site for physics and physicists from the Institute of Physics. The Institute of Physics is a leading international professional body and learned society which promotes the advancement of pure and applied physics."

Physics Central     -  "With Physics Central, we communicate the excitement and importance of physics to everyone. We invite you to visit our site every week to find out how physics is part of your world. We'll answer your questions on how things work and keep you informed with daily updates on physics in the news. We'll describe the latest research and the people who are doing it and, if you want more, where to go on the web. So stick with us. It's a big, interesting world out there, and we look forward to showing you around."

PhysicsWeb     -  "PhysicsWeb brings you the latest news and resources from the world of physics plus PhysicsJobs, a Buyer's Guide and enhanced versions of articles from Physics World magazine."

PhysLink.com     -  "Physics, astronomy and science news, community, education and reference. Job board, department directories, forums, chat, education reference, fun and more."

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