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Cosmopolitan     -  "Get a fun and fabulous daily dose of Cosmo by checking out Cosmopolitan.com"

ELLE.com     -  "ELLE.com is ELLE's service-oriented sibling. The site exists as both complement and counterpart to the magazine, focusing on fashion, beauty, and style - with a brain. While maintaining ELLE's uniquely sophisticated tone, ELLE.com presents a behind-the-scenes, how-to world. The site is the insider's style guide with a global outlook, providing both convenience and high-end inspiration. Satisfying the expectations of the ELLE reader while taking advantage of the Web's immediacy and depth, ELLE.com is the point at which aspiration and acquisition intersect."

GQ     -  "In every issue of GQ, you'll find: pop culture, The Style Guy, trends, travel, music and more..."

Marie Claire Magazine Online     -  "Welcome to Marie Claire magazine, the publication that women turn to for information on fashion, style, beauty, women's issues, careers, health, and relationships."

Redbook     -  Diaries, sex, marriage, talk from the experts, beauty, fashion, ...

Seventeen     -  Fashion, beauty, health, fitness, lifestyle

Shape     -  Get fit, eat right, shape your life, look great, ...

Style.com     -  The online home of Vogue and W. Fashion shows, news, trends, people, parties, shopping, beauty, ...

Town & Country     -  "Town & Country Web site offers a taste of the magazine online with travel, fashion, beauty, health, and more! Plus, customer service, gift subscriptions, and special offers."

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