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History of SuDoku

Choose Wisely     -  Insights from Nikoli, the creators of the SuDoku variant of Number Place, as to why hand made puzzles are better than computer generated ones.

Origins of the name SuDoku     -  From Nikoli, the story of how SuDoku got its name from when they first published "Suuji wa dokushin ni kagiru" in 1984.

Thought SuDoku Came From the Land of the Rising Sun?     -  David Smith of the Observer provide an excellent accounting of the rise of SuDoku from its humble roots with a Swiss mathematician.

Wikipedia: SuDoku     -  A very comprehensive article on the nature, history and popularity of the game. Includes a guide to the rules and variants of the game, solution methods and the mathematics behind the game. The site includes an extensive link list to popular SuDoku resources found on the Internet.

Wikipedia on Sudoku

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