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Playing SuDoku Online

Sites that allow you to play SuDoku online.

Allsudoku     -  "AllSuduko.com only deals with Sudoku. The library of games and all tools are free and no membership is required."

Braingle     -  "See what all the fuss is about with our interactive online Sudoku puzzles."

Fingertime's Online Sudoku     -  Fingertime's online version of this game. A great way to play because choices are easily available on a wheel and logic errors are quickly identified. Includes a timer.

Fingertime's Online Sudoku
Higer Games     -  Board and card games, including Sudoku - enter as a guest to try it out.

Lovatts Online SuDoku     -  Lovatts, publisher of puzzle books, brings this online version of SuDoku. It is updated daily with new puzzle. Each SuDoku is graded for difficulty. The playing field allows for noting possible number and the guesses are entered by clicking the appropriate number of times on the square.

Lunch Break Games     -  "This game allows you to play 4x4, 9x9 and 16x16 Sudokus, features several difficulty levels, an advanced user interface and the possibility to save your high score on our Web-Site."

Monterosa: SoDuko Puzzles of the Day     -  Known for their online interactive TV productions, Monterosa Productions, Ltd. posts three updated SuDoku puzzles each day - easy, medium and hard. The puzzles are played online and feature a tool to show only legal moves.

Online Sudoku     - 
paulspages.co.uk: SuDoku     -  Site generates random SuDoku puzzles based on parameters set by user. The web interface even allows users to enter "possibilities" in the top corner of each cell. Features include a solver. An excellent and detailed description on how to solve puzzles is included.

So SuDoku     -  So SuDoku presents you with a SuDoku puzzle that you can play on your web browser. Includes a timer.

Soodokoo     -  Online Sudoku and printable games for Sudoku fans!

Su-Doku.net: Mini Quest     -  Su-Doku.net, home of the SuDoku Quest computer puzzle generator, posts a new puzzle each day. Play it online or print it out. The online game has a nice feature to pencil in possible values.

SuDoku Fun: Online Speed Challenge     -  Pit your SuDoku skills against the world. Solve the given puzzle and enter the results to see how you compared to others. Once five correct entries have been received, the puzzle will be changed and updated for the next round. Puzzlers on your mark...

Sudoku League     -  "Every day one Sudoku brain teaser is chosen, which each Sudoku league player can solve. The time taken to solve Sudoku will be noticed and saved. At midnight the fastest Sudoku league players will get points according to how fast they were. The player who gets the most points in each month, will be placed in the Sudoku league Hall of fame."

Sudoku Logic     -  A sudoku site including weekly tips, worldwide news, live tournament listings, a discussion forum, downloadable puzzle ebooks and a monthly contest.

SuDoku Master     -  Site provides two quality puzzles each day, including weekends, of different difficulties. Play online or print out. Includes an archive of puzzles and solutions.

Sudoku Online     -  Online game of Sudoku. Users can easily generate puzzles, solve online or print out the puzzle.

Sudoku Online
Sudoku Prime     -  "This site features a multi-player session where players from around the world solve the same puzzle."

Sudoku-san - Your Sudoku Assistant     -  "Sudoku-san, your Sudoku Assistant - Daily puzzles, tools to help you, and suggestions to improve your play."

USA Today: SuDoku Classic     -  July 11, 2005. USA launches SoDoku in their newspaper. Plus they got it right! The puzzle is graded for difficulty, the puzzle is big enough for notes, and it is true SuDoku with symmetry in the provided numbers! Their online version includes a number of interesting features and can be printed out along with the solution. Kudos on every point, although it would be nice with the online version if they didn't print the solution on the same page as the puzzle itself. SuDoku Classic includes an archive of recently published puzzles.

Vesuvius Games     -  Try online Sudoko games, with 6 new puzzles of varying difficulty levels every day. There is also a mobile cell phone version of Sudoku, which people may request from the web site.

Web SuDoku     -  SuDoku puzzles galore! Play online or easily print out the puzzle with billions of games to choose from. Select games by difficulty level. Each puzzle is numbered.

Web Sudoku

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