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SuDoku Assistant by SuDoku Online     - 
Sudoku Assistenten     -  Features include typing, saving and solving any Sudoku you can find in the newspapers or on the Internet, a hint-feature, that will give you anything from a small push in the right direction, to easy, graphic explanations of complicated solving methods, the ability to make your own Sudokus and sheare them on the internet, and more!

Sudoku Online     -  Online game of Sudoku. Users can easily generate puzzles, solve online or print out the puzzle.

Sudoku Online
Sudoku Solver     -  Sudoku Solver by Scanraid Ltd. Similar to SuDoku Assistant found The Daily Telegraph and LA Times sites, this site shows the step by step logic behind solving Sudoku square by square. Step through some of the provided puzzles or enter your own for analaysis.

Sudoku Solver     -  Excel based Sudoku solver.

SuDoku Solver by Logic     -  "We've developed this Sudoku Solver to try and solve Sudokus by logic only, and giving an explanation of how the answer was reached."

Sudoku-san - Your Sudoku Assistant     -  "Sudoku-san, your Sudoku Assistant - Daily puzzles, tools to help you, and suggestions to improve your play."

SuDoku.xls     -  Sudoku.xls is a Microsoft Excel Workbook commonly used by serious Sudoku players. It gives you a work pad to jot down possible Grid values. It also has an automatic facility to fill in the Work Pad with possible solutions, depending on row box and column values. Additionally, two “Rough Work” sheets are included, pre-formatted to allow you to try certain paths, while keeping a part solution intact. You can even use it to create your own puzzles!

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