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SuDoku Tips & Strategy

Keys to Solution for SuDoku     -  Nikoli's class rooms (beginner, intermediate and advanced) on how to solve SuDoku puzzles. Well done and easy to follow for getting introduced to the game.

paulspages.co.uk: How to Solve SuDoku     - 
Solving SuDoku by Michael Mepham     - 
Solving SuDoku Puzzles     -  A SuDoku fan tells how to approach solutions to various puzzles. Includes three tutorials and some extra tips.

Solving SuDoku Puzzles     -  The website steps you through the logic of solving three Sudoku puzzles of different difficulty levels.

Tutorial (Flash) by Nikoli     -  Learn the game from the company that created the craze back in the 1980's.

Wikipedia: SuDoku     -  A very comprehensive article on the nature, history and popularity of the game. Includes a guide to the rules and variants of the game, solution methods and the mathematics behind the game. The site includes an extensive link list to popular SuDoku resources found on the Internet.

Wikipedia on Sudoku

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