Essential Links

Essential Links

Make your browser's default start page!

Navigate the Web easily, every day! By setting up your web browser to automatically load every time you load the browser, and also every time you press the "home" key on the toolbar (found near the top of your browser's window), you will always be close to wherever you want to go on the Internet.

Make Essential Links your default startup page


The Web page that you choose as your browser's default startup page is the Web page that you first see every time you start your Web browser. This page also is the one that shows up whenever you press the "Home" key on the toolbar of your browser window. Look on your browser toolbar above to see this button. Why set as your default page? Consider the following --

Take the high ground. Enjoy a room with a view of the entire Internet. Just as major cities have EL (elevated) trains, the Information Superhighway has an EL -- that is! On the Internet, Welcome is spelled

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Essential Links
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When you start your internet browser, it opens a predetermined web page. This web page is referred to as the browser's "default startup page."

Essential Links at should be the first and last place you go every time you surf the web.

Here's how to make the first place you visit - automatically, every time.

*If your browser is not covered below, then consult your local internet provider or the manufacturer of your browser software.

How to set as your default start-up page: