Cottage Grove, Oregon

Covered Bridges of Cottage Grove, Oregon

Six covered bridges in Cottage Grove have helped earn it the title of "Covered Bridge Capital of Oregon". Building dates of the bridges range from 1925 to 1987. Since steel and concrete were so expensive and high-quality timber was more accessible, the covered bridges were built from wood and then covered to keep the rain from ruining them. The older bridges are monuments to many hours of skilled hand labor. The bridges can be toured in a couple of hours or in a day with time out for lunch.

Centennial Bridge

This pedestrian bridge is located in downtown Cottage Grove at the corner of Main Street and River Road. It was built in 1987 with recycled timbers that were salvaged when the Burmbaugh Bridge was dismantled. Adjacent to the bridge, in the City Hall building, a scale model of the Currin Bridge, shown at the 1986 World's Fair in Vancouver, B.C., is on display.

Chambers Railroad Bridge

About a half a mile from Main Street on South River Road, just past Harrison Avenue, this bridge is the only remaining covered railroad bridge in Oregon. It was built in 1925 to bring logs to the J.H. Chambers Mill in Cottage Grove. The bridge is 78 feet long.

Currin Bridge

This bridge, built in 1925, is located on Layng Road and spans the Row River. It is being rehabilitated in 1995, and is closed to traffic and pedestrians.

Mosby Creek Bridge

Mosby Creek Bridge, also on Layng Road, was named after David Mosby, a pioneer who staked a donation land claim nearby in 1853. Built in 1920 for $4,125, the 90 foot span is the oldest surviving covered bridge in Lane County, and the only local covered bridge open to traffic. Mosby Creek Bridge was restored in 1990.

Stewart Bridge

Built in 1930, this 60 foot bridge located on Garoutte Road was open to vehicular traffic until 1982, despite heavy damage. It has been restored and is now a pedestrian bridge.

Dorena Bridge

Located on the south side of Dorena Reservoir on Shoreside Drive, Dorena Bridge was built to connect Government Road and Row River Road. Constructed in 1949 for $16,547, the 105 foot long bridge has been since bypassed with a concrete span.

Information provided by the Cottage Grove Chamber of Commerce

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