Dining Out in Portland

Portland has places to eat for all tastes. From pizza to pasta to international, Portland offers a wide selection of restaurants to try. Prices are reasonable, especially compared to other large metropolitan areas, and there are many types of food to try. Call ahead for reservations on the weekends, especially during peak dining hours.

Dining Favorites

Breakfast at Mother's Bistro & Bar (212 SW Stark St., 503-464-1122) is comfort food extraordinaire. Many different cuisines are represented in the menu, for a creative mix of food choices. The weekend breakfasts are especially popular, so call ahead for reservations. Mother's serves breakfast and lunch, Tuesday - Sunday, and dinner on Tuesday - Saturday. (Citysearch Review). Bob's Red Mill (5000 S.E. International Way, Milwaukie, 800-249-3173), serves breakfast and lunch using their specialty whole grain flours and organic grains. After enjoying a delicious meal, browse in their flour mill store, which offers natural grains ground on century-old French buhr millstones, as well as other natural food items. (Citysearch Review)

Portland is a food cart haven. Food choices include, but aren't limited to, Korean barbecue, gourmet soups, Thai cuisine, sausages, all kinds of sandwiches, waffles, Vietnamese cuisine, fries, ice cream, gelato, and much more. Food cart pods are located in several areas, including 10th and Alder, 12th and Hawthorne, and North Station. A complete listing is at Google's Portland Food Carts map, or check out Portland food cart guides before you dine. Best food cart lists are always changing, so it's worth walking the pods to choose your own local favorites.

Lunch at Esparza's Cafe (2725 SE Ankeny St., 503-234-7909) is a great experience, starting with the unusual decor. Esparza's offers an extensive Tex-Mex menu, including huevos rancheros, nopalito cactus, carne asada and many kinds of tacos. Esparza's serves lunch and dinner. (Citysearch Review).

Dinner at Jake's Famous Crawfish (901 SW 12th) includes an extensive seafood menu, as well as a varied wine list. The daily menu of fresh catches, as well as the clam, salmon and oyster entrees ensure that you'll be eating some of the finest seafood available in Portland. (Citysearch Review) Vietnamese cuisine at Pho Van's, (1012 NW Glisan, 503-788-5244), is an experience in delicious smells and exotic tastes. They offer the traditional pho noodle soup, as well as lemon grass chicken, chicken wings, and several different types of fish entrees. (Citysearch Review)

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