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Use the Internet to keep up to date
  Play Kasparov
It's you and the world against the master - by MSN
  Edinburgh University Chess Club
History, Rules, News, ...
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  About.com Chess
Best of chess online resources
  Chess Lab
Two million interactive games online!


Major Chess Sites

Play Chess
  • Yahoo Chess - Yahoo games page, includes chess as well as many more - not fee based
  • Chessed! - Free live internet chess club
  • FICS - Real time chess on the internet (for free)
  • ICC - Live, online chess on the internet (yearly membership fee)
  • ICCF - International Correspondence Chess Federation - play chess by mail, fax and email
  • PlaySite - Java-based site to play chess. Also has checkers, reversi and backgammon.
  • Caissa's Web - Fee based, serves up to 2,500 live games per day
  • University of Pittsburgh FTP Chess Site - Free games of all levels

Books and Periodicals



Clubs and Organizations

Link Lists
  • About.com Chess - Check this out! Best online chess resources
  • La Mecca Chess Encyclopedia - "In this site you find a lot of information about chess, chess players (images, biographies, etc.), chess events (tournament tables), Elo lists and calculation, ECO codes and, of course, thousands of links to best chess sites all over the world."
  • GM Chess Link List - Very informative annotated link list
  • Lars Balzer Link List - lots of links, games and even a newsletter
  • Edinburgh Univ. - a complete list
HandiLinks  • AltaVista  • Google  • Ask Jeeves  • Yahoo  • Hotbot  • FindWhat  • Lycos  • 4anything  • VirtualLibrary  • Galaxy  • DejaNews  • ImageSurfer  • Yahooligans!  • Magellan




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