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Online resources for games, fun, books, science, history and cool sites for kids.
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Essential Links
Essential Links

* Kids

Fun Stuff
  Kids Space
Everybody's home page! Lots of things to do here... kids gallery, storybook, concerts, fun places etc.
  Berit's Best Sites for Children
Web sites for children up to age 12 - includes just for fun, holidays, serious stuff, creatures and much more!
  Official Harry Potter Home Page
E-letters, trivia, screen saver, maps and more
  Kids Discovery
By the Discover Channel - "Adventure starts here!"
A one month Internet treasure hunt with prizes - a great way to learn about the Internet!
  The Yuckiest Site on the Internet
Lots of fun science things - if you like bugs and worms, this one's for you!
  Disney's Activity Center
Webtoons, pets and animals, print center, paint and play.
Craft kits, patterns, and information about crafts
The Uddernet - Games plus compare your lunch to others around the world


More Fun Things!
  • American Girl - Sponsored by American Girl Magazine
  • Aunt Annie's Craft Page - Craft projects for everyone
  • Bonus - The supersite for kids. Includes games, cool site, top ten list and a magazine
  • Crayola - All about Crayolas - lots of fun facts
  • Freezone - An online community for kids with chat, search, e-pals and more
  • Joseph Wu's Origami Page - Joseph introduces his page by saying, "Origami is the art of paper folding. The word is Japanese, literally meaning "to fold" (oru) "paper" (kami). Please feel free to explore these pages and make use of the resources you find here. Happy folding!"
  • Kidz WebRing - You won't believe how many fun pages are on this one!
  • Paper Projects - All kinds of paper projects to cut, fold, paste and enjoy! Lots of links to fun sites
  • Kid's Domain - Kid's shareware, Pokemon, kids play place, contests, crafts, newsletter, ways to create holiday cards, downloading games and online games links
  • The Page at Pooh Corner - Dedicated to all things Pooh and Pooh related
  • Webmonkey - "the fun way to build your own web sites!"
  • - Play with games and gadgets, chat with friends, use the search engine, make a personal calendar, create your own multimedia, or start your own email account

  • Happy Puppy
  • Jumbo! - Over 300,000 shareware and freeware programs
  • Bonnie's Fun Things - Play a game, read a story, color pages or do arts and crafts
  • - "the supersite for kids", with lots of games, and great graphics
  • Caricature Zone - make funny faces and see ones that are already finished - try the play net for lots of fun games
  • Mamamedia - lots of games, puzzles, activities, stories and more!
  • Pipsqueaks - have some fun with music - silly songs, sing along, or create your own music
  • Smartcade
  • Sticker World - the build your own web page game!

Harry Potter



TV and Video

Books, Magazines and Software

Link Lists
  • Yahooligans!
  • Ask Jeeves! - Ask questions about all kinds of things - including your homework!
  • KidSurfer by the National Children's Coalition - Great links for fun, homework, Kidspeak etc.
  • KEWL - Kid's Excellent Web Links - Fun, education, science, museums and lots more to see
  • Interesting Places for Kids - Highly rated list of links for kids
  • List of sites - For kids on the web - very comprehensive
  • LycosZone - Games, playground, homework help, and comics
  • Edumaster's Page - Lots of fun links
  • Rigby page of links for kids - many categories

Science and History

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