Essential Links
Online resources to measuring Internet performance of TCP/IP connections - plus references, tutorials, tips and tricks.
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Essential Links
Essential Links

* Internet Connectivity

  Internet Weather
your first stop to check on the current performance of the Internet
  NetMechanic Server Check
let this service monitor and evaluate the performance of your choice of Net servers
  Show My IP Address
by Lyceum - shows your machine's IP address (or that of your external firewall, if one exists)


Major Connectivity Sites

NOC Status


  • Multithreaded Routing Toolkit - "The MRT project is researching new routing software architectures, protocols and tools. Software developed to date includes multi-protocol IPv4/IPv6 routing daemons and routing analysis/simulation tools. MRT software is in active use providing stress testing of commercial routers, collecting and analyzing Internet routing traffic for researchers, and serving as the primary routing software connecting networks to the Internet and the 6Bone."

  • Network Monitoring Programs - by the Division of Computer Research and Technology, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, it is a list of programs that gathers information from the network or improve the security of the network.
  • Net Tools and Virus Information - includes finger, ping, DNS query, host, NS lookup, whois, trace route and spam resolve



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