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FedWorld     -  For easy access to government information.

GovernmentGuide.com     -  "Government services made easy" - just enter your zip and get easy access to elected officials, government information, forms, ...

Library of Congress     -  Use their Web site to learn about the exhibitions, keep up on the copyright office, find key historical documents and learn history.

Smithsonian Institution     -  Museums, research, education, publications, photos, information, events, ...

Thomas - U.S. Congress on the Internet     -  In the spirit of Thomas Jefferson, find legislative information at this site.

U.S. Copyright Office     -  Find general information, publications, records, legislation and announcements.

U.S. Department of State     -  About the department, travel news, country information, news, ...

U.S. House of Representatives     -  Directory, operations, offices, committees, ...

U.S. Senate     -  Connect with your senators by visiting their Web site. Find out about legislative activities, committees, about the Senate itself, ...

White House     -  Connect to the President's office. Find out about issues and policies, news, speeches, ...

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