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Global hide-n-seek with your GPS.

Buxley's Geocaching Waypoints     -  Really good maps to geocaches

The Degree Confluence Project     -  "The project is an organized sampling of the world. We've excluded confluences in the oceans and dropped some near the poles, but there are still 13,492 to be found."

DMOZ: Geocaching     -  Open Directory Project listing of Geocaching websites

Geocache Rating System     -  Use this tool to rate the difficulty of geocaches

Geocaching.com     -  The site to geocaching. Has a huge database of geocaches.

Geocoins Canada     -  "The ultimate cache prize! Geocoins are custom minted and individually numbered coins that are designed to provide geocachers with a collectable, tradable and trackable cache items that are unique to geocaching worldwide, but with a Canadian flair."

GPSinformation.net     -  GPS information website

Groundspeak     -  Discussion forum on geocaching

NaviCache.com     -  "Fact is, whether your hiding your first cache, or a seasoned pro, with our free database, Multi-Room Chat Center, Navicache Forums Where you can discuss the sport with others and more, we think you will find what you need here on Navicache.com."

Newsgroup: alt.rec.geocaching     -  Post and read newsgroup postings on geocaching

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