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Also commonly spelled Su Doku and Sudoku, this is a number placement puzzle game that is similar to, but slightly different than, the Number Place puzzles found in Dell puzzle books. It is a paper and pencil logic puzzle (not a math puzzle), but it can be played online, where you fill in a 9x9 grid with the digits 1 through 9 following certain very easy rules that account for the numbers already pre-entered into the grid. Puzzle difficulty depends on the starting numbers provided. Variations of the game have been around for some time, however it is now experiencing an extraordinary explosion in popularity and "addicts" around the world. It is frequently called the Rubik's Cube of the 21st century.


Daily Mail: Sudoku     -  The digital side of the UK's Daily Mail newspaper features daily Sudoku puzzles. Each puzzle describes its difficulty level and there is an archive of previous puzzles.

Daily Mail: Sudoku
Daily SuDoku     -  A new puzzle every day ready for you to print out and solve. Includes an archive of the previous daily puzzles as well as solutions. The "Draw" feature will allow you to enter a puzzle for the site to solve for you. Also included are a game FAQ, books and a link list to other sites.

Daily SuDoku
Fingertime's Online Sudoku     -  Fingertime's online version of this game. A great way to play because choices are easily available on a wheel and logic errors are quickly identified. Includes a timer.

Fingertime's Online Sudoku
Guardian Unlimited | Sudoku     -  The Guardian Unlimited brings you SuDoku Classic. These are quality print and play SuDoku puzzles in PDF format and updated daily. Their difficulty level is given. The site includes an archive of recent puzzles.

Let's Make SuDoku     -  So now you know how to play the SuDoku puzzle and perhaps would like to try your hand at actually creating a few. Check out this site for both a beginning and intermediate introduction to how to go about doing just that. The site provides step by step procedures on how to put a puzzle together.

Monterosa: SoDuko Puzzles of the Day     -  Known for their online interactive TV productions, Monterosa Productions, Ltd. posts three updated SuDoku puzzles each day - easy, medium and hard. The puzzles are played online and feature a tool to show only legal moves.

paulspages.co.uk: SuDoku     -  Site generates random SuDoku puzzles based on parameters set by user. The web interface even allows users to enter "possibilities" in the top corner of each cell. Features include a solver. An excellent and detailed description on how to solve puzzles is included.

Solving SuDoku Puzzles     -  The website steps you through the logic of solving three Sudoku puzzles of different difficulty levels.

Su-Doku.net: Mini Quest     -  Su-Doku.net, home of the SuDoku Quest computer puzzle generator, posts a new puzzle each day. Play it online or print it out. The online game has a nice feature to pencil in possible values.

Sudoku (LA Times & Daily Telegraph)     -  Sudoku tips, strategies, information and help from Michael Mepham for London Daily Telegraph and Los Angeles Times solvers. Archived puzzles available in PDF.

SuDoku for Kids     -  Site by Activity Village that has a nice collection of puzzles targeted for kids. Children as young as 7 or 8 can do SuDoku quite well. They sharpen their problem solving and logic skills while having fun!

SuDoku Fun: Online Speed Challenge     -  Pit your SuDoku skills against the world. Solve the given puzzle and enter the results to see how you compared to others. Once five correct entries have been received, the puzzle will be changed and updated for the next round. Puzzlers on your mark...

SuDoku Master     -  Site provides two quality puzzles each day, including weekends, of different difficulties. Play online or print out. Includes an archive of puzzles and solutions.

Sudoku Online     -  Online game of Sudoku. Users can easily generate puzzles, solve online or print out the puzzle.

Sudoku Online
SuDoku Place     -  Every day a new puzzle. These are good quality puzzles and are presented as a PDF for easy printing. Includes an archive of recent puzzles. Eash puzzle is graded for difficulty level.

Sudoku Solver     -  Sudoku Solver by Scanraid Ltd. Similar to SuDoku Assistant found The Daily Telegraph and LA Times sites, this site shows the step by step logic behind solving Sudoku square by square. Step through some of the provided puzzles or enter your own for analaysis.

Sudoku-san - Your Sudoku Assistant     -  "Sudoku-san, your Sudoku Assistant - Daily puzzles, tools to help you, and suggestions to improve your play."

SuDoku.com     -  SuDoku puzzles by Pappocom. Includes an extremely good, full-featured puzzle generator that you can download and try before buying. The site includes rules, tips and a players' forum. Many newspapers post their SoDoku solutions on this site as well.

SuDoku.xls     -  Sudoku.xls is a Microsoft Excel Workbook commonly used by serious Sudoku players. It gives you a work pad to jot down possible Grid values. It also has an automatic facility to fill in the Work Pad with possible solutions, depending on row box and column values. Additionally, two “Rough Work” sheets are included, pre-formatted to allow you to try certain paths, while keeping a part solution intact. You can even use it to create your own puzzles!

TimesOnline Su Doku     -  TimesOnline is the best of The Times and The Sunday Times, in real time, as published by this popular UK newspaper. The Times list SuDoku right along with it columns on chess and bridge. View and printout recent puzzles as published by The Times newspaper (UK) and their solutions.

Top Sudoku Sites     -  Sudoku Online's guide to SuDoku links.

Tutorial (Flash) by Nikoli     -  Learn the game from the company that created the craze back in the 1980's.

USA Today: SuDoku Classic     -  July 11, 2005. USA launches SoDoku in their newspaper. Plus they got it right! The puzzle is graded for difficulty, the puzzle is big enough for notes, and it is true SuDoku with symmetry in the provided numbers! Their online version includes a number of interesting features and can be printed out along with the solution. Kudos on every point, although it would be nice with the online version if they didn't print the solution on the same page as the puzzle itself. SuDoku Classic includes an archive of recently published puzzles.

Web SuDoku     -  SuDoku puzzles galore! Play online or easily print out the puzzle with billions of games to choose from. Select games by difficulty level. Each puzzle is numbered.

Web Sudoku
Wikipedia: SuDoku     -  A very comprehensive article on the nature, history and popularity of the game. Includes a guide to the rules and variants of the game, solution methods and the mathematics behind the game. The site includes an extensive link list to popular SuDoku resources found on the Internet.

Wikipedia on Sudoku

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