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Wireless local area networks and hotspots for Internet access


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About: Creating a Wi-Fi Connection     -  About.com's tutorial/guide to building your own wi-fi connection.

Amazon: Wi-Fi Products     -  Wi-Fi related products from Amazon.com. Includes many detailed guides and introductory books about Wi-Fi, hardware, supplies, software, routers, adapters, etc. all at Amazon discounts. Take a look around.

cNet: Cutting the Cords with a Wireless Network     -  cNet review on how to set up a wireless network.

Dan Bricklin's Guide to a Home Wi-Fi Network     -  Dan Bricklin shares his insights and experience with setting up a home wi-fi network.

LookSmart: WiFi Wireless Networks     -  Looksmart Directory's guide to wi-fi and related resources including, guides, directories, hardware, software, news and service providers.

Tutorial: Become a Wireless Wizard     -  Yahoo!/Ziff Davis article on the basics of Wireless.

Wi-Fi Discussion Forum     -  "This is a discussion forum about wireless, wifi, bluetooth and related technologies."

Wi-Fi Networking News     -  "Daily reporting on wireless data networking"

Wi-Fi Planet     -  "The Source for Wi-Fi Business and Technology"

WiFinder     -  WiFinder enables people to provide, use, and profit from Wireless LAN service.

Wikipedia: Wi-Fi     -  Wikipedia guide to Wi-Fi.

Wikipedia: Wi-Fi
Yahoo! Wi-Fi Sites     -  Yahoo! Directory's guide to Wi-Fi and 802.11b resources.

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