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Fish at Wizard Falls Hatchery

Wizard Falls Fish Hatchery

Located a few miles north of Camp Sherman, the Wizard Falls Fish Hatchery is open all year to visitors. Bring your quarters and feed the fish in the large holding tanks, where up to three million fish are on display. Several species are raised here, including brown, brook and rainbow trout, as well as kokanee and Atlantic salmon. Kids will enjoy seeing the large fish living in the holding pond on the north side of the grounds. To visit the hatchery, turn north from Hwy. 20 at the Camp Sherman/Metolius Recreation Area sign. Either go through Camp Sherman or stay right on Forest Service Road 14 until you see the hatchery sign.


Headwaters of the Metolius

At the head of the Metolius, cold, clear waters bubble up from underground to form the beautiful Metolius River. This popular visitors site is located just past Camp Sherman on Road 14. An easy, paved path about 300 yards long winds through open Ponderosa pine forests to the headwaters overlook area. The majestic, snowcapped peak of Mt. Jefferson is the backdrop for smooth upwelling waters. Several different kinds of animals and birds can be seen along the trail, including golden mantled ground squirrels and Stellar jays.

Dee Wright Observatory

Jagged lava fields and spectacular mountain views await visitors at the Dee Wright Observatory. Located at the summit of McKenzie Pass 14 miles west of Sisters on Highway 242, the observatory is one of Central Oregon's favorite attractions. The observatory, completed in 1935, was built from native lava rock by the Civilian Conservation Corps. It was named for the project foreman, who died before completion of the project. The observatory elevation is 5,187 feet.

A panoramic view of lava flows, as well as Mt. Jefferson, North Sister, Middle Sister, Mt. Washington, and Three Fingered Jack can be seen through the windows of the rustic structure. On very clear days, there is a view of the top of Mt. Hood.

The half mile interpretive Lava River Trail begins and ends at the observatory. The trail runs through the lava beds and includes descriptive signs about lava flows, geology, and plants in the area. The trail is paved and wheelchair accessible.

Highway 242 is only open in the summer months, and there is a vehicle length restriction of 35 feet.

Three Creek Lake

Popular as a fishing, camping, boating and hiking area, Three Creek Lake is nestled at the base of the Three Sisters Mountains and Broken Top Mountain. The lake, which is situated in a glacial cirque edged by the broken rock slabs of Tam McArthur Rim, is a fisherman's dream. Hatchery rainbow trout and lake grown brook trout can be caught from the bank, but fishing by boat is the preferred method. Motors are not allowed on the lake. Hiking trails are used for trail riding and on-foot hiking. If you're interested in truly spectacular views, try the hike up Tam McArthur Rim. Kids will enjoy trying to find the Tam McArthur Rim geocache. Three Creek Lake is a high mountain area, so come prepared for sudden weather changes.

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