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Movie Locations Filmed in Astoria


Be sure to get a copy of the tour book of movie locations from the Clatsop County Historical Society, 1618 Exchange St, Astoria, Or 97103, (503) 325-2203, or from the Astoria Warrenton Area Chamber of Commerce at 503-325-6311 or 1-800-535-3637.

Many movies have been filmed in the picturesque neighborhoods of Astoria, Oregon. A few of these include:

Take a tour and see the locations made familiar to all by Hollywood!

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The Astoria Column, Coxcomb Hill

The only one of its kind in the world, the Astoria Columm was included in many movies filmed in Astoria. These include Kindergarten Cop, Free Willy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III, Goonies and Short Circuit and more. The 125 foot tower is located on top of 600 foot Coxcomb Hill, where it reaches for the sky as Astoria's trademark. A spiral staircase of 164 steps climbs to a viewing deck, where a magnificent view of the lower Columbia region can be seen.

The Astoria Bridge

The 4.1 mile long bridge was included in movies such as Kindergarten Cop, Free Willy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III, Goonies and Short Circuit and more. Stretching from Astoria to Washington, it is the final link in the Mexico to Canada highway system. Built to withstand strong winds and battering waves, it can endure a river flood speed of nine miles per hour. Take a trip across and enjoy a splendid view of the mouth of the Columbia River and surrounding hills.

John Jacob Astor Elementary School

John Jacob Astor Elementary School, at 3550 Franklin, served as Kindergarten Cop's school setting. The filming was done during summer vacation, and local students were used as extras in the shooting. Many local people were used as extras as well. Much of the art work used in the film was done by Astor School students. When visiting the school, please view only from the sidewalks to minimize disturbance to the students and staff. No visitors are allowed on school grounds.

Goonie House

Located at 368 38th Street, this picturesque house was used as the home of the main characters in the Goonies movie. Filled with suspense, a treasure quest and a monster, the Goonies is a great kids movie.

The Bayview Motel

Used in Kindergarten Cop as the investigation headquarters for Detective John Kimble and his partner, the Bayview Motel is located at 738 West Marine Drive.

Red Lion Hotel

In Kindergarten Cop, the Seafare Restaurant at the Red Lion Hotel is where Detective Kimble took the boy and his mother to dinner. Filming was done outside the restaurant and next to the moorage.

Joyce's House

Located at 414 Exchange Street, Universal Studios made several improvements were made to the house and grounds before using it as "Joyce's House" in Kindergarten Cop.

The Flavel House

Filmed from the outside in the Goonies, the Flavel House is a fine example of late Victorian architecture. Built in 1885 by Captain George Flavel, it is filled with beautiful period furnishings and artwork. The house is now operated as a museum by the Clatsop County Historical Society.

Short Circuit House

Located at 197 Hume Street, this house is the filming location for Short Circuit.

Clatsop County Jail

This jail, used from 1914 to 1976, was included in Goonies, Come See The Paradise and Short Circuit. Often open for visitors during the day, it is the longest used, free-standing jail in Oregon. The jail is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Jesse's House in Free Willy

Used as the home of Jesse and his foster family in Free Willy, it is located at 3992 Harrison.

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