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Oregon provides a wide variety of educational opportunities, including primary, secondary, community colleges, and state and private colleges. Oregonians are committed to providing a wide array of programs for their children.

The Oregon Department of Education oversees 199 public school districts. These, in turn, serve approximately 559,215 elementary and secondary school students (grades K-12). Specialized instruction is provided by the Oregon School for the Blind, and the Oregon School for the Deaf.

Oregon has 17 community colleges that assist thousands of students in obtaining professional technical education and training. Community colleges also provide developmental education programs to help adults complete their high school education. They provide specialized training on request from business and industry. They are an integral part of Oregon's educational system.

The Oregon State System of Higher Education is composed of seven colleges and universities. There are three regional colleges, three statewide universities and one specialized institution in Oregon's State System of Higher Education. They are: Eastern Oregon University at La Grande, Southern Oregon University at Ashland, Western Oregon University at Monmouth, Oregon Institute of Technology at Klamath Falls, Oregon State University at Corvallis, Portland State University at Portland, and University of Oregon at Eugene,. Additionally, Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland is an affiliated institution. There are also 32 independent colleges and universities in Oregon, and many of these offer baccalaureate-level programs. They provide a wide range of education opportunities, including specialized two and four year technical and professional training, many kinds of graduate studies, and undergraduate science and liberal arts classes. These programs also prepare students for continuing their education by transferring to universities outside of Oregon.

Oregon's rich diversity of educational opportunities highlights the importance Oregonians place on educating their children.




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