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Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve and Education Center

The Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve is a 725 acre facility located one mile south of Hillsboro. Composed of meadows, open waterways, marshes, and forest, the Preserve is an ideal site for studying wetlands ecology.

The Wetlands Education Center is visited by thousands of school children, university students, visitors, teachers, and researchers each year. Hands-on experiments at the Center focus on wetland plants and animals, birds, wetland ecology, weather, and on site observations. Wildlife observed at the Preserve include geese, ducks, herons, eagles, song birds, otters, beaver, and deer. The Preserve is a part of the Pacific Flyway and is an important resting and feeding spot for migrating birds.


wetlands viewThe Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve research facility is nationally known for its water quality research programs. Experiments at the preserve include pollution reduction in waste water by wetlands and other water quality research programs.


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