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 Essential Links to Taxes

Tax Discussions

ABAnetwork: Taxation Discussion Groups     -  Subscribe to tax related mail lists!

Accountants World Taxation Discussion Forums     -  "Get answers to your toughest questions from leading experts and practitioners within active discussion groups."

CCH Tax Community Open Forum     -  "Suggest a topic, share information, post a question for discussion."

Friday Tax Forum Roundup     -  by

Google Group Discussion: Taxes     -  Links to tax discussion groups, including: us.taxes, misc.taxes, misc.taxes.moderated, ...

Google List of Tax Blogs     - 
International Tax Dialog     -  "The International Tax Dialogue (ITD) is a collaborative arrangement involving the IDB, IMF, OECD, UN and World Bank to encourage and facilitate discussion of tax matters among national tax officials, international organisations, and a range of other key stakeholders. "

Intuit Discussion Group     -  Intuit financial community tax discussions.

IRS Tax Forum     -  The IRS Nationwide Tax Forum series is a seminar that promises to be one of the most informative yet, with an agenda full of new information, more advanced topics, hands-on workshops and networking opportunities.
Motley Fool: Tax Strategies     -  by Motley Fool

The Tax Book Discussion Forum     -  "The message board allows participants to freely exchange ideas and opinions on areas concerning taxes."

Tax Reduction Institute Forum     -  Discussions on general tax issues and tax reform.

Tax Sites Discussion Directory     -  Includes newsgroups, mailing lists, discussions and message boards.

Taxanalysts Economic Perspectives     -  by Tax Analysts: As a nonprofit organization, Tax Analysts is dedicated to providing free email bulletins about tax policy and practice. By fostering debate, we seek to encourage the development of tax systems that are fair, simple, and economically efficient. You may subscribe to any or all of the bulletins listed below." eReports
Yahoo! Message Boards: Taxes     - 
Yahoo! Message Boards: Taxes

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